Stadse fratsen in Kruisweg?

Well, there seemed to be. The reason hereto: a reunion. A flock of about a hundred reuniticians landed over here. From all corners old Kruisweg-inhabitants found their way ‘home’. After lunch they could ‘chill out and hang around’ in our little village. Many stories about ‘who lived where’ and ‘what did they do when’. And all memories were supported by small signs with pictures of how it used to be in the olden days. An idea of Popko van der Ploeg.

In short, Kruisweg buzzed all day. Just like a sunny Saturday in the big city…


1 thought on “Stadse fratsen in Kruisweg?

  1. Hallo Alex,

    Super leuk om de foto´s van afgelopen zaterdag te bekijken. Wat heb je vele mooie foto´s gemaakt.
    Kortom, mooie herinneringen aan een gezellige dag in het leutje stadje!

    Heel erg bedankt voor de vele foto´s en al je werk hierin!

    Groetjes, Tanja van der Ploeg

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