“Dorpsverandering Kruisweg”

They’re here since 1986: the plowman, the sower and the reaper. A stone carved symbol of labor and situated on the corner of where I live. The plaque says: “Renovation Kruisweg 1986”. A nice monument included in a small wall with seating for the passer.

But over the years it became less a passer’s place. Instead, it became a hangout for youngsters. In itself no problem, but over the years the villagers became quite tired by the frequent visits of the (sometimes very unkind) loitering kids. It became an issue in the village and everything was tried to make the intersection a bit more quiet. Eventually, the Mayor decided to replace the wall by hedge.

Therefore the stone three are on vacation for a week and will come back when the setting in which they belong is replaced. A big change, but ultimately it stays the way it was: Kruisweg, the plowman, the sower and the reaper.

I’ll follow the process on this photo page.

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