“Good light!”

That’s what you can read when photographers meet in forums . Something like: “I wish you all the luck”. And, of course, it’s what you’d like to wish to everyone, a bit of light in the darkness, enlightenment in any way. In my studio I can direct shape the light the way I prefer.  When you’re at the end of a chilly day in November on an almost deserted beach you can (as a seasoned landscape photographer) expect something nice but, in the end, you can only thank Mother Nature for the “good light”.

Love is Everything

It was one of these Sunday afternoons on which there was enough to do and that nothing wanted to succeed: a piece of PHP code which would not work, the ten pixels margin that not wanted to stay put, a sentence which did not want to go well, my wireless mouse which faltered and eventually (it must have been around a quarter to two) that the entire internet stopped.
In retrospect, it seemed that must have been the moment when a history was added, that from that moment on the perfect tense has to be used for the fortunes of my friend.
Past perfect tense.
His deadline just met.

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Within the lines

“Can I ask you something?” the young man said when he finally was within hearing range, “did you just secretly photograph us?”
“Well no,” I said, “not particularly, I just try to depict the beach life. I was struck by the composition and atmosphere more than the specific people who were in it.”
“Okay, it’s just, you hear some weird things nowadays, you know?”
“Sure, but don’t worry though, you and your family just nicely fit into a scene I wanted to capture.
I saw you were also busy making pictures.”
“Ah, well, that picture-making-thing is totally my wife’s thing, I suck at it. But, it’s the only way to take photos of the tree of us home.
Maybe you could take a picture of the three of us? With our camera? ”

And after having introduced ourselves we walked back to his wife and child. I photographed them with their EOS and we said goodbye.
“Wait, I’ll give you my business card with my website address. Take a look and you’ll see what I’m really looking for, here on the beach ….”

Come rain or come shine

To my little friends:

I’m gonna love you like nobody’s loved you, come rain or come shine
High as a mountain deep as a river come rain or come shine
I guess when you met me it was just one of those things
But don’t ever bet me cause I’m gonna be true if you let me

You’re gonna love me like nobody’s loved me come rain or come shine
Happy together unhappy together and won’t it be fine?
Days may be cloudy or sunny
We’re in or we’re out of the money.

But I’ll love you always, I’m with you rain or shine

Rain or shine.


Nowadays, almost everything we do we do wireless. There are cordless telephones, wireless door chimes, wireless baby monitors, wireless light switches and we’re about to charge our batteries wireless too. No hassle with telephone cords anymore, monitor you baby-child while visiting the neighbors, check you i-phone to see who’s on your doorstep, dim the lights while hanging on the couch and, really, dry your laundry wireless!

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The best conversations are those between people who know what things are called and those who know how you do them. Paulus Schäfer explaines at the front door, after the workshop he gave on the Groningen Guitar Festival, where to put your fingers. He doesn’t care if you’d call it a third inversion of an Am7. ‘No no, just move that finger one up. You hear?’
Gypsy Jazz…..

Een prachtig tableau

As where I usually go from an attractive sky and search for a suitable landscape,  Gerald Schuil went here especially to paint the foreground. “I had already finished the sky, which I painted lately near Termuntenzijl but it began to rain so hard that I had to stop.” “This location is nice to finish the painting”, he declared from ‘my place’ on the dike.

His work is indeed beautiful. But today it was for me very beautiful above the horizon. Well then, I just do the firmament today, as a reminder for Gerald to what he didn’t paint…..



In the morning it’s still good. But when the sun gets just a bit too bright she gets up and waggles to the only spot of shadow, in front of the printer, next to my monitor. And when she’s awake, she looks at me with dreamy eyes and says: ‘ZZZsummer, one more time. Would you please close the curtains and let me go back to sleep?’

Well then, I just do that.

Stadse fratsen in Kruisweg?

Well, there seemed to be. The reason hereto: a reunion. A flock of about a hundred reuniticians landed over here. From all corners old Kruisweg-inhabitants found their way ‘home’. After lunch they could ‘chill out and hang around’ in our little village. Many stories about ‘who lived where’ and ‘what did they do when’. And all memories were supported by small signs with pictures of how it used to be in the olden days. An idea of Popko van der Ploeg.

In short, Kruisweg buzzed all day. Just like a sunny Saturday in the big city…


CVVB 4Bier Kampioen

_DSC3186Earlier today the goalhitters of CVVB4Bier prevailed in the championship match against FC LEO. Our boys managed to beat the opposing team with 5 hits and only two goals against, which led to a burst of frenzied joy. As the name of the team (consisting mainly of friends) suggests the party was already initiated on the field with alcoholic refreshments……

Thus Philip Bloemendal could have said it. Well, sports photography: an art. Later more on my Facebook page.

“Dorpsverandering Kruisweg”

_DSC0567They’re here since 1986: the plowman, the sower and the reaper. A stone carved symbol of labor and situated on the corner of where I live. The plaque says: “Renovation Kruisweg 1986”. A nice monument included in a small wall with seating for the passer.

But over the years it became less a passer’s place. Instead, it became a hangout for youngsters. In itself no problem, but over the years the villagers became quite tired by the frequent visits of the (sometimes very unkind) loitering kids. It became an issue in the village and everything was tried to make the intersection a bit more quiet. Eventually, the Mayor decided to replace the wall by hedge.

Therefore the stone three are on vacation for a week and will come back when the setting in which they belong is replaced. A big change, but ultimately it stays the way it was: Kruisweg, the plowman, the sower and the reaper.

I’ll follow the process on this photo page.

Zwaar weer, manne!

_DSC4689Ameland, last Saturday. The launch of the Abraham Fock demonstrated for the tourists. Eight horses pull the lifeboat trailer far enough into the sea to let the boat set sail. Completely against their nature the horses walk up to one meter deep in the surf. Well, and when they go the weather has to cooperate, because a demonstration with a blue sky and a smooth sea doesn’t make any sense! So there you have it, every disadvantage has its advantage ….


_DSC2519_8_7Hmm, yummy! So they say, I’ve never had one. These oysters live in the port of Lauwersoog and at the foot of the dike around there. Last year I met a man who drove up here all the way from Amsterdam to harvest a trunk load. “Great for the barbeque, with some sambal” (it was a Chinese). The oysters get here in the ballast tanks of ships that come from warmer climes, I’m told.

Nice, you might say, BUT, there are now also disturbing reports of serious injuries that can occur if you step on one. They are so razor sharp they even cut through rubber surf shoes, break and leave the splintered edges in the wound! And, well, as we are used to do some mudflat-strolling over here I’d say: Oy, Oysters!!

Da Mouse

_DSC2877A test shot with my new Sigma 17-70 VR Macro. Mousekin is old, about 20 years or so, and is only interested in eating. No less than four times a day, she finds that she’s hungry. And nowadays she jumps on my desk, sits right in front of me between my forearms blocking my keyboard and just looks at me. She can’t meow for ages anymore, sometimes she only creaks a little. And there’s only one thing I can do to get her out of there: getting her just another dish….


DSCN8686Last Saturday I photographed some houses in our village from an aerial platform. Advertizing with a slogan like: “Get High Quality from The Top” (the wordplay really got lost in translation), we raised money for the community center. The weather wasn’t that good and there weren’t many applicants so we (Gert, the always cool driver of this monstrous machine, and I) had time left to have a look around from 30 meters above sea level (dddddon’t look dddddown!) So, soon on this site: some nice vistas from above. After I wrapped up the business of course.

Sorry, we’re closed

_DSC3790Hmm, the temperature just don’t work this summer. Round noon we almost got stuck on the Grimsel. Yes, Grimsel again. Okay, it got colder on the way up but I found it quite overdone to find ourselves in a true blizzard. And Hotel Grimsel opening her doors to stranded pass visitors? No way!


30-4-86-271That’s how this photo was titled. I made it in 1986 and was published in the staff magazine of the municipal police Groningen. Even in those years security during Queensday was well organized. A mannequin leaves the stage at the Grote Markt to get dressed for the next appearance, under close surveillance by the men in blue. Nice job, working there at the police!

Schier weer

_DSC0052It’s a bit understated, but still, it was a whopping 20 degrees centigrade for the first time this year. The kids are eager to go for a swim. And when you think the water is a bit too cold, you just keep your t-shirt on. I’d say: fair enough.


_DSC9970It may sometimes be nice and sunny, with temperatures well above freezing, it will take some time before the last snow in the shady places will disappear. This is the boerenlandpad of farmer Westers in the Negen Boeren Polder. Behind the dike begins the salt marsh.


_DSC9439De sneeuw is bijna helemaal weg en er ligt nog maar een dun laagje ijs op het water. Hmm, ook al weer zo’n zin in de zomervakantie? We hebben alweer geboekt voor komende zomer! Helaas moest de accomodatie wel wat aangepast worden aan het budget dat overgebleven is na zo’n winter. 🙁

Afscheid van een goede vriend

_DSC0100Nou, toch maar een set winterbanden. En een andere auto. Na vier en een half jaar en meer dan 100.000 kilometer heb ik onze trouwe V40 tegen een boom aan laten schuiven. Nee, er was geen weeralarm, ik moest gewoon ergens zijn en de weg was droog. De wind joeg wel wat stuifsneeuw over de provinciale weg en het bleek daarom op sommige stukken toch verraderlijk glad te zijn. Bij het accelereren na een bocht was er geen houden meer aan. Jammer.

Nog nooit heb ik me zo veilig gevoeld als in deze jongen. Nooit heb ik zo een betrouwbare bak gehad. Nooit had ik zo’n mooie kar gereden. Nooit met zoveel op de teller toch zo lang zo hoog in de bergen geweest. Nog nooit zo een rijk gevoel in m’n eigen auto gehad. Ik had nooit gedacht dat je zó kon balen bij het achterlaten van een auto.


_DSC7958Ofwel: als je toch nergens meer heen kunt, pak dan je camera en stap in! Het maakt niet uit waar je terecht komt. Als je maar voorzichtig genoeg bent zodat je ook weer thuiskomt. Omdat het juist tijdens de buien erg mooi is , enige tips ter voorbereiding  en voor onderweg:

Neem extra mee (naast je fototas, natuurlijk): een doekje voor je camerabody (de sneeuw smelt direct op je nog warme camera) , een lensdoekje, telefoon, een volle tank brandstof (je weet maar nooit), een schep en twee jutezakken.

Laat je statief maar thuis, want zolang wil je niet buiten staan prutsen.

Denk niet dat je je handschoenen voor dat ene plaatje ook wel even in de auto kunt laten liggen. Je camera is binnen enkele minuten ijskoud en zoals gewoonlijk zie je na die ene foto ook direct 10 meter verderop dat andere plaatje dat je wilt maken.

Blijf je lens poetsen met het daarvoor bestemde lensdoekje (!), ik heb hele mooie foto’s afgekeurd omdat de nattigheid op de lens op de verkeerde plek zat. Draag je camera zoveel mogelijk uit de wind met de lens naar beneden.

Het is ‘noodweer’ dus maak je foto’s snel maar pas op, tijdens een winterse bui heb je geen licht! Daarbij doet de sneeuw de meter wel vermoeden dat er licht is. Hmm. Een stop overbelichten en schrapzetten dan maar. Maak er dus met een seconde er tussen een stuk of wat. (bovenstaande foto is genomen met 1/20 seconde, wat me nog nét lukt met een 12 mm).

Ga naar plaatsen waarvan je denkt de foto’s te maken die je zou willen maken. Rij daarheen via de routes die je goed kent, het is in situaties als deze makkelijk te weten waar de weg ophoudt en de, inmiddels dichtgewaaide, sloot begint.

Doe er ook weer niet al te moeilijk over. Wanneer je het om allerlei redenen niet leuk meer vindt, ga op je gevoel af en keer om (denk om die sloot!).

Oh ja, een kerst-cdeetje en een kan koffie doen ook veel. Het zwakt ook een beetje het gevoel af dat je er om de 50 meter uit moet.

Bie Diek


Daar waar de weidsheid
 van het Hogeland ophoudt,
 het oneindige eindigt
daar moet je zijn
 voor een nieuwe einder,
 een nieuw perspectief
laat je verwonderen
 door het nieuwe en oude,
 het droge en natte
beklim de kering
 keer op keer
 en verleg een grens.

Tot 1 maart 2010 hangen een 8-tal foto’s uit mijn portfolio “Bie Diek” in het waterschapshuis van waterschap Noorderzijlvest te Groningen.

Hmm, best wel cool!