Love is Everything

It was one of these Sunday afternoons on which there was enough to do and that nothing wanted to succeed: a piece of PHP code which would not work, the ten pixels margin that not wanted to stay put, a sentence which did not want to go well, my wireless mouse which faltered and eventually (it must have been around a quarter to two) that the entire internet stopped.
In retrospect, it seemed that must have been the moment when a history was added, that from that moment on the perfect tense has to be used for the fortunes of my friend.
Past perfect tense.
His deadline just met.
And in my sorrow, already now little smiles laugh forth a wonderful insight. That of the unshakable confidence in love. No death can beat that.

let me love you

with the ease
of when you were only just here

the matter of fact
that everything will change

the reassurance
that all will remain new

the excitement
that it will never end

have no fear
let me love you

“Love is Everything”

Thank you so much, dear Fedde.