Within the lines

“Can I ask you something?” the young man said when he finally was within hearing range, “did you just secretly photograph us?”
“Well no,” I said, “not particularly, I just try to depict the beach life. I was struck by the composition and atmosphere more than the specific people who were in it.”
“Okay, it’s just, you hear some weird things nowadays, you know?”
“Sure, but don’t worry though, you and your family just nicely fit into a scene I wanted to capture.
I saw you were also busy making pictures.”
“Ah, well, that picture-making-thing is totally my wife’s thing, I suck at it. But, it’s the only way to take photos of the tree of us home.
Maybe you could take a picture of the three of us? With our camera? ”

And after having introduced ourselves we walked back to his wife and child. I photographed them with their EOS and we said goodbye.
“Wait, I’ll give you my business card with my website address. Take a look and you’ll see what I’m really looking for, here on the beach ….”